Past President 1970-1975

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on July 7, 1936
Married to María Teresa Bennazar and has one son, Luis Arturo.

High School:  Fork Union Military Academy, Fork Union, Virginia
University:  University of Puerto Rico (C.A.A.M.), Mayagüez, Puerto Rico (Basic Engineering - 1954-56)
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma (Architectural Design and Engineering 1957-1960)

Professional Positions:

Luis A. Ayala Colón Sucrs., Inc.
  1960-65 Operations Manager
  1965-98 President
  1980 to date Chairman of the Board

Empire Company, Inc. 
  1965 to date Vice-President

Ayala Warehouse, Inc. 
  1965 to date President

Multi Terminal Operators, Inc. 
  1977-85 Chairman and President

International Auto Terminals, Inc. 
  1965-80 Chairman and President

Seahorse Marine Corp. 
  1978 Vice-President
  1988-2003  Chairman

Container Terminal Corp. 
  1988-94   Chairman and President

Agencias Navemar de PR Inc. 
   1983-86 President 

Director Banco de Ponce 
  1983-1990  Member of  the Board

Sea-Barge Line 
  1985-89 Chairman of the Board
  1989-92  Member of the Board

Busigó Tours, Inc. 
  1977-88  Treasurer

Honorary Vice Consul of Norway  1973-75
Honorary Consul of Norway  1975 to date Ponce School of Medicine  1989-91 
Member of the Board of Trustees
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico  1990-91 
Member of the Board Ponce
Free Trade Zone   1983-87 & 1991-92
Member of the Board
Puerto Rico Pilot Commission  2000-02   Chairman

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